Program information/hours 
Location: 10 Mason Avenue, Methuen, MA 01844

(978) 682 - 2318   

Program hours:  Monday-Friday   6:30am – 3:30pm


All holidays, school closings ( ie snowstorms) are paid days. I will take three vacations during the school year. These dates coincide with the school vacations and are paid vacations. When parents are on vacation, they are responsible for full payment, as to ensure a spot in the daycare. Parents are asked to notify the daycare at least two weeks in advance of vacation plans. The dates are below:

September 2, 2016                             Labor Day Weekend

September 5, 2016                             Labor Day

October 10, 2016                                Columbus Day

November 11, 2016                            Veteran’s Day

November 23, 2016                            Close at Noon

November 24, 2016                            Thanksgiving Day

November 25, 2016                            Day after Thanksgiving

December 26 – 30                              Christmas break

January 2, 2017                                  New Years Day

January 16, 2017                                Martin Luther King Day

February 20-24, 2017                         Winter Break

April 14, 2017                                      Good Friday

April 17-21, 2017                                 Spring break

May 29, 2017                                       Memorial Day


Sick Days: I will be allowed seven paid sick/personal days per year. If need be, these days may be taken consecutively. Parents should be prepared for back up should the need ever arise.

Summer: I have limited hours throughout the summer. The daycare is managed as a ‘Summer Camp.’ The hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M. Please speak to me for more information regarding summer hours, enrollment begins early April.


                                                                            Daycare Assistant

My husband, Dick Daigle, is my state licensed assistant. He is also trained in CPR and first aid. There may be situations when your child will be left in Dick’s care. He will also assist in emergency evacuations.


                                                                                  Fees & Tuition

Payment is due on Monday morning. If your child is enrolled part time, payment is due the Friday before. A fee of $5.00 per day will be assessed for all late payments. The return check fee is $30.00 and thereafter only cash or money order will be accepted.

A fee of $5.00 for every five minutes will be charged if you are late to pick up your child. This fee is payable in cash at the time of pick-up. The daycare will close promptly at 3:30, and the late fee will be strictly enforced. 

                                                                                Parent’s Responsibilities

Parents are responsible for diapers, wipes, ointment, a complete change of weather appropriate clothes and a cup. Please note that I cannot place blankets with sleeping children younger than two years of age. Sleep sacks are a safer alternative for infants. Please be sure to label all of your child’s belongings. If your child will not be attending daycare for that day, please call by 8 A.M.


                                                                       Authorization to Release Child

I will only release children to people whom I have previously met with the parents present! These people must be listed on the paperwork ‘As authorized to pick up your child.’


Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) regulations require that I have a plan for meeting potential emergencies that may occur during daycare hours.


Daigle’s Family Daycare doesn’t take any field trips, nor do we leave the premises. Doors are always locked once all parents have arrived for the day. Children are not allowed to be picked up by anyone other than parents unless I have met this person (s) previously with parent present.

 If a child is missing and there are two caregivers present, one caregiver will immediately search for child while the other caregiver remains with children. The first area to be checked will be the in ground pool even though this area is enclosed by a separate, locked gate and the daycare children have never been in the pool or this area. If child is not located within minutes 911 will be called. If I am the only caretaker of the children, I will bring other children with me as I search for missing child. Again, call 911 within minutes if child is not found. Note: I constantly stress to the children that they MUST stay with an adult at all times. This includes in stores, the park, out walking, etc. I also teach them that when their parents or myself say ‘Where are you?’ the child needs to respond immediately. I also review Stranger/Danger so they are all well informed on these topics.  Once police arrive I will leave it to their discretion as to when to call parents.


I have downloaded the Massachusetts Alerts Apps on my cell phone so I can be alerted of any emergency in Massachusetts. If I had a power outage in my daycare I would try to get through the day, providing the temperature didn’t get too cold/hot in our home. If the temperature got below 65 degrees ( in the winter) or if it got too hot and the temp got over  90 degrees ( in the summer) I would notify parents to pick up their children by calling them on my cell phone. (The majority of my clients are available by sending a text.)  I always have bottled water in case of loss of water. I would be able to get by for the day. If we were unable to flush the toilet, we could gather snow in a bucket and when the snow melted use that water to flush the toilet. (If it was in the summer-I would use a bucket of water from the pool.)  I would serve the children a cold sandwich for lunch and by not opening the refrigerator unless necessary, would keep the food cold.​


If a fire was to occur we would evacuate as we practice each month during our fire drill at whichever exit we are closest too.  I would do a head count of the children as we are leaving the home and when we get to our meeting spot, the driveway. At that time, I’d do another head count to be sure the children are all accounted for. At this point, I would call 911. Upon exiting the daycare I will grab the First Aid Kit/Evacuation Kit that includes the Emergency Cards for each child, money for pay phone in the event my cell does not work, diapers, wipes, toys, bottles and cups. I will notify parents with my cell phone. (All parent’s numbers are programmed in my cell.)  If I need to relocate, I will let parents know where we are with my cell phone. (In an emergency, we will go to our closest neighbor, there are three, whomever is home at the time.)  I will document when and by whom the children are picked up. When at the new location, I will notify EEC of the daycare situation and where we are located. EEC’s phone number is programed into my cell phone.​

I called and spoke with Officer Gina Scanlon on May 11, 2017 from the Methuen Police Department. She explained that the City of Methuen doesn’t have a shelter in the event that I would have to evacuate. If  a shelter was needed, the Police would decide that day where the shelter would be. She also shared that if I needed to evacuate the Police COULD NOT assist me in doing so. She explained that the Police would have to go to every home daycare to assist in evacuations and they couldn’t possibly do this. I do not have a vehicle large enough nor do I have car seats.  I have downloaded the app for Methuen Police so that I would be notified of any emergency that would take place in the city.  At her suggestion I also went to the Methuen Police Station and placed my name on the In-house Record that at our address is a home childcare business.  Officer Scanlon said it will be up to the Police to tell me to Shelter in Place or when to evacuate. Depending on the situation it could be by social media, reverse 911, or coming to our home.



If my daycare is to shelter in place I would take the children to our basement. In our basement is where we store food, water, extra daycare toys/activities, diapers, blankets, towels. I have downloaded the Massachusetts App that notifies me of severe weather among other things. Our basement is where we store a hand crank radio, so I would have access to that to keep informed. One side of our basement has no windows, so in the event of a severe storm, we would be protected from glass breaking. I would do my best to notify parents of our location before entering basement because cell reception may not work in basement especially if weather is severe.



During a Lock Down all doors and windows will be locked. The daycare will go into a “Quiet Mode.” I will bring all children into basement, where there are no windows. I will be notified by Methuen Police Department when the Daycare is to go into a Lock Down and when it is safe to clear the Lock Down. During a Lock Down, no one ( including parents) will be allowed to enter, or exit, the daycare until Methuen Police have ended the Lock Down. I will not be able to make or receive telephone calls. ( Due to being in the basement during a Lock Down I’m unsure of cell reception for texting.) If possible, I will try to notify parents before we go into a Lock Down.


                                                                                          Children’s Records

EEC regulations require me to maintain an individual written record for every child.  These records include the information regarding your child’s care. Records are updated annually, but may be updated as frequently as needed. Information contained in your child’s records include: immunization report and annual physical examination, information regarding enrollment, as well as progress reports of any kind. As parents, you have the right to add information or to request that information in your child’s record be changed or deleted. You also have a right to receive a copy of your child’s records; however, I may charge a reasonable fee for that copy. If you have any questions regarding your child’s records, please feel free to speak with me.

                                                                                                 Sleep Safety

Supervision of children is equally important during the times that a child is sleeping at the program, particularly when that child is an infant. All infants are placed on their backs to sleep, unless a child’s physician orders otherwise (such an order must be given to me in writing), per EEC regulations. I check on children every 15 minutes during naptime, if your child is less than 6 months old, I will directly supervise them during naptime.

                                                                        Curriculum and Progress Reports

The children will be participating in different activities throughout the day. They will participate in a circle time, outdoor play ,gross motor play, meal time, and art activities, to name a few. All activities planned throughout the day will follow a specific theme and will help assist in the development of the children. If you would like more information regarding the curriculum, please feel free to speak with me.

Per regulations of the Department of EEC, progress reports will be completed periodically for each child. For infants, I will be completing progress reports every three months. For toddlers and preschoolers, these reports will be completed every six months.

                                                                                         Mandated Reporting

I am a mandated reporter, as is Dick, and must make a report to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) whenever I have reasonable cause to believe a child in the program is suffering from a serious physical or emotional injury resulting from abuse inflicted upon the child, or from neglect, no matter where the abuse or neglect may have occurred or by whom is was inflicted.






I believe there is no greater investment than to positively influence the lives of children. I believe that each child

deserves   to   grow   and   learn   at   their   own   pace.   My responsibility is to develop the ‘whole child’ through an

enriched   curriculum   that   will   allow   each   child   the opportunity to develop to their greatest potential. I will

work   in   partnership   with   families   to  establish  a  strong foundation for every child’s future so that they will build a

lifelong   love   of   learning.   This   learning   environment   is designed to offer each child an abundance of nurturing,

support, fun, lasting friendships and above all, love.

​​​​​Emergency Plans


10 Mason Avenue, Methuen, MA. 01844     ​(978) 682-2318





medication (excluding topical ointments and sprays applied to unbroken skin) which will include the child's name, the time and date of each administration, the dose, and the name of the person administering the medication. This completed record will become part of the child's file.  All unused medication will be returned to the parent if possible, or disposed of in accordance with Department of Public Health guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please feel free to speak to me directly.

                                                                                        Meal time

Meal times are listed below. The daycare offers a variety of foods. Your child is encouraged to try new foods, but not forced. The follow meals are served daily at no additional cost.

Breakfast: 6:30-7:30

Lunch: 11:30-12:30

Snack: 2:30-3:00

*Please note that breakfast is over at 7:30 A.M. If your child arrives later than this time, you will be responsible for breakfast before arriving to daycare. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO DAYCARE WITH OPEN CONTAINERS OF FOOD OR DRINK!

Special food items, such as formula or special diets, are to be supplied by the parent. On each child’s birthday, we celebrate with a “Birthday Banana!” This is a unique daycare delicacy that all the children enjoy. While adhering to the dietary guidelines for children, I ask that all parents please refrain from bringing sweets on their child’s special day.


The daycare does NOT take any type of field trips. Once your child arrives in the morning, they will remain on the premises for the entire day. In the event of an emergency, please refer to the “Emergency” section of the handbook.


                                                            Sick Policy

In order to keep children healthy, we will wash hands continuously throughout the day, including, but not limited to before/after meals, after diapering, after outside play, after art activities, etc. Unfortunately, there are times when children need to be excluded from the program, in order to not affect the other children.  These cases include, but are not limited to: 

Fever of 101 or higher (Child must be fever free for 24 hours without medication in order to return.)
Vomiting or diarrhea (Child must be symptom free for a minimum of 24 hours before returning.)
Severe cough
Skin rashes
Anything contagious: conjunctivitis, hand, foot, and mouth; strep throat; etc.

If any of these symptoms occur during daycare hours, parents will be called to pick up your child immediately.  Please remember, if your child has a fever, vomiting and/or diarrhea the day/night before, they must be excluded from daycare the following day. CHILDREN MUST BE FREE OF ILLNESS FOR 24 HOURS BEFORE RETUNRING TO DAYCARE. In cases where your child has a rash or childhood disease (Fifth’s disease; hand, foot and mouth, etc.) a physician’s note is required before your child can return to daycare. Please refrain from administering any fever reducing medication the morning of daycare. This will only “mask” a fever that could potentially be contagious to others. If a child needs medication during the day while at daycare, please refer to the following policy determined by the Department of EEC:  

                                                                                                                                 Medication Administering

The following guidelines are common to all programs that are licensed by EEC:

Prescription Medication

Prescription medication must be brought to the program in its original container and include the child's name, the name of the medication, the dosage, the number of times per day and the number of days the medication is to be administered. This prescription label will be accepted as the written authorization from the physician.
The program will not administer any medication contrary to the directions on the label unless so authorized by written order of the child's physician.
The parent must fill out the Authorization for Medication Form before the medication can be administered.
Medication needs to arrive in a clear, Ziploc bag clearly labeled with your child’s name and dosage.

Non-prescription Medication

The program needs written parental authorization to administer oral non-prescription medication. The parent must fill out the Authorization for Medication form, which allows the Educator to administer the non-prescription medication. The statement must be renewed on a weekly basis.
In the case of unanticipated non-prescription medication that is used to treat mild symptoms (e.g., acetaminophen, ibuprofen), the program must still have written parental authorization; however it must be reviewed annually.
The Educator will make every attempt to contact the parent prior to the child receiving the non-prescription medication unless the child needs medication urgently or when contacting the parent will delay appropriate care unreasonably.
Medication needs to arrive in a clear, Ziploc bag clearly labeled with your child’s name and dosage.

Topical Ointments and Sprays

Topical ointments and sprays such as petroleum jelly, sunscreen, diaper rash ointment and insect repellant will be administered to the child with written parental permission. The signed statement from the parent will be valid for one year and include a list of topical non-prescription medication.
When topical ointments and sprays are applied to wounds, rashes, or broken skin, the Educator will follow the written procedure for non-prescription medication which includes the written order of the physician, which is valid for a year, and the Authorization for Medication form signed by the parent.

All Medications

The first dose must be administered by the parent at home in case of an allergic reaction. All medications must be given to the Educator directly by the parent. All medications will be stored out of the reach of children. All medications that are considered controlled substances must be locked and kept out of reach of children. The Educator will be responsible for the administration of medication. The program will maintain a written record of the administration of any